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World wind, weather and tide; add new calendar days of spring in the old mountains and rivers. "New Denon eight" new material piece "gold Xu Ying Rui beta today! Winter vacation started full welfare activities, treasure reward, Xiao Han for gem! Valentine's day rich activities to help you succeed multiple spring festival activities and occasional confession! Everybody new year save fortune, more gift money delivery, online and offline together to celebrate the Chinese New Year approaching, the new Denon!" eight "all the staff to give everyone a happy, Spring Festival blessing, wish you good health!新开中变传奇天地风霜尽,乾坤气象和;历添新岁月,春满旧山河。《新开中变传奇新天龙八部》贺岁资料片“金戌迎瑞”今日公测!满载福利的寒假活动率先开启,寻宝奖励多,消寒换宝石!情人节丰富活动助你成功告白!多重春节应景活动和大家一起辞旧迎新攒福运,更有压岁钱大派送,线上线下齐欢庆!新春将至,《新开中变传奇新天龙八部》全体工作人员给大家拜个早年,迎春接福,祝大家好事连连!



新开中变传奇金戌迎瑞开启新年多重福利活动今日推荐服务器:纵横双线【一梦十年】【宝贝从天降 寒假好礼多】今日起大大小小的活动将接连不断的送上我们的心意和祝福。天龙的大街小巷已充满浓郁的节日气氛,和成群的朋友热闹起来,一年的劳累烟消云散,新年的快乐成倍放大!寻宝乐翻天活动时间:1月29日-2月14日财神爷下凡,要送宝物给有缘人,他的使者化身苏州NPC猪小胖,等着带领少侠前去寻宝!这些藏在各个主城的宝藏各有妙用:天界众仙的小物品可换取大量交子;财神的如意可获得隐藏的元宝道具;若是探到聚宝盆将可兑换玄灵丹;如果运气够好,还有众多宝箱从天而降,大量宝物散落城中!总会有你需要的!天道酬勤,累计完成10次寻宝任务,还有50个精金石相赠哦!Xu Jin Ying Rui opened new year multiple welfare activities today recommended server: a dream of ten years and two [] [baby from heaven] winter bettergifts today greatly small activities will continuously send our wishes and blessings. The dragon is full of rich festive atmosphere in the high streets and back lanes, and groups of friends lively, a year of tiredness vanished, the happy new year multiplied! Treasure happy time: January 29th -2 month 14 days to send to the God of wealth, treasure to somebody, his angel incarnation NPC Suzhou pig chubby, waiting to lead Shaoxia to hunt! These hidden in all the main city treasures have magical: Celestial immortals in exchange for a large number of small items can be obtained with the cross; the hidden gold props; if the probe into the cornucopia will be convertible mysterious panacea; if you are lucky enough, there are many treasures scattered in a large number of treasure drop from the clouds, there is always what you need! A total of 10 times! God helps those who help themselves, treasure task, and 50 gold stone gift oh!

九九消寒活动时间:1月29日—2月14日99 anti cold activity time: January 29th - February 14th


新开中变传奇点亮九九消寒图领避寒珠兑换礼物寒冬已至,北风带着寒意轻抚着天龙大地,诸位侠士想必已做好了御寒的准备。百忙之余,不妨在九九消寒活动中,寻得这寒冬的一份春天的暖意,更有不少丰厚好礼等待着大家!活动期间,玩家可按照九九消寒图的提示,达到指定的在线时间及足够的活跃值,轻松点亮六张消寒图,拿到真元珀、金蚕丝、天荒晶石等小礼物;向指定的NPC学习御寒知识,同时对其他玩家使用道具,便可激活最后三张,点亮全部消寒图,获得一枚避寒珠。3级红宝石、7款时尚坐骑、6款绚丽时装,都可以用不同数量的避寒珠兑换哦1.76狂风散人精品!Light 99 Xiao Han figure from Pearl collar exchange gifts winter has been to, with the north wind chill stroking Tianlong earth, presumably chivalrous of you are well prepared to keep out the cold. For more than 99, may wish to eliminate cold activities, a spring for the cold winter warmth, many more generous gifts waiting for you! During the event, according to the 99 game player away cold figure that reach the specified time online and enough active value, easy to light six Zhang Xiao Han figure. Get real dollars and gold silk, the Perot spar and other small gifts; learning warm knowledge to the specified NPC at the same time, the use of props to the other game player, you can activate the last three, all lit Xiao Han figure, a Pearl river. 3 rubies, 7 stylish mounts, 6 gorgeous fashion, can exchange with different number of beads from oh!


新开中变传奇经典时装碧梦莲华待君领取Classic fashion jade lotus dream until Jun receive


坐骑天河灵鹊准备起飞【新开中变传奇辞旧迎新集福运】春节活动将接连开启,从2月的第一天开始,礼包、签到奖励纷至沓来!生肖故事开启金戌瑞年;boss春晚犒赏辛苦了一年的你;写春联、贴福字、大扫除,新天龙与你一起辞旧迎新;打年兽,庆团圆,节日活动应接不暇;战江湖赢福运,多重好礼尽待领取!Mount Tianhe spirit magpie ready to take off [New Year fortune] in spring festival activities will be open, starting from the first day of February, package, attendance awards open gold Zodiac story come in a throng! Xu ruinian; boss Spring Festival Gala reward a year of hard work for you; write couplets, paste Fu characters, cleaning, Tianlong and you with the new year; call the beast, reunion festival, battle arena win fortune too busy to attend to all; and multiple gifts as unclaimed!


洛阳大街小巷将有热闹的满汉全席等待少侠线上线下齐献礼,畅秀阁、微信、社区都为少侠们准备了沉甸甸的心意,关注我们的官方平台,奖励拿到手抽筋!还有更多节日应景活动陆续开放,敬请传奇私服发布网期待!Luoyang will have a busy high streets and back lanes Manhanquanxi Shaoxia waiting line under the line of Qi Chang Xiuge, gift, WeChat, community for Shaoxia have prepared a heavy heart, pay attention to our official platform, reward to get hand cramps! There are more festive occasion activities continue to open, please look!

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